Domain Name Appraisal & Evaluation Appraise Your Acronym Domain Name Instantly Using The World First Automated Domain Name Evaluation Check List v1.0: Please read our terms and conditions before using our evaluation method.

Your Domain Acronym:

(1) Choose ONE: Dot com (.com)? Dot net (.net)? Dot org (.org)? Dot others (.cc,.de,.ca, etc.)?

(2) Choose ONE: Contains 1 letter or number? 2 letters or numbers? 3 letters or numbers? 4 letters or numbers or more?

(3) Choose ONE only:

Does it form a meaningful word or single letter? (eg.,,, or Does it stands for a famous trademarked company but your company is doing a totally different type of business than the trademarked company? or Is it ALL repeated letters (eg.,,, or

Is there a pattern? or Is there any repeated letters? (eg., or or

Does it stands for anything logical? (eg., = "Global Wireless Access" or = "Male XY")

If none of the above apply can it branded or marketed? (eg., a name of a new company or products or services).

(4) Check if applicable: Is there a hyphen (eg., Is there letter with numbers (applicable to three letters or more acronym only, eg., or Using trademarked acronym that competes with the trademarked company's products and/or services (eg., owning and selling computers).

Now add up the total score from above. See the chart below to estimate the value of your domain name. Good luck!

Terms & Conditions: Please note that this is an estimated value and can not in any way predict the exact value of the domain name actually being sold. It depends mainly on how the buyer and seller negotiate. However, this rough figure allow the sellers to assign a price value to their domain names which the buyers may accept or not. Therefore, we do NOT guarantee the accuracy of this value and are not liable for ANY damages brought about from this evaluation method. If you do use our evaluation method please acknowledge our work. Thanks.

Assigning the price value to the score:

Score between -7 to 7
Estimated Price Value (US $) for Acronym DN only
7 $50,000 to $100,000
6.5 $25,000 to $50,000
6 $10,000 to $25,000
5.5 $5,000 to $10,000
5 $2,000 to $5,000
4.5 $700 to $2,000
4 $250 to $700
3.5 $100 to $250
3 $50 to $100
2.5 $25 to $50
2 $10 to $25
1 $0 to $10
0 or less $0

Recent Sale or Auction on Acronym Domain Names:

Statistics and Maths Behind Evaluating Acronym Domain Names:

Fact #1: There are only 36 one letter or number dot com in the WORLD! (Similarly there are only 36 dot net and dot org). If you ever have a chance to purchase a one letter domain you are extremely lucky. Getting for $100,000 would be a great bargain.

Fact #2: There are only 1296 two letters & numbers dot com domain names in the world!

Fact #3: There are exactly 47,952 three letters & numbers dot com domain names in the world!

Concluding Remarks & Investors' tips:

Acronym domain names that are worth investing have the following criteria:

1) Letters forming generic words are MOST Valuable. Eg., or

2) One or two letter dot domains are very rare. If you have a chance to purchase one don't hestitate. Just do it! Eg.,, or

3) Three letter dot com domain in the order of greatest value:

  • or >>>>A3A>

4) dot com (.com) >> dot net (.net) > dot org (.org) > dot others (.cc, .us, .de)


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